Map of the Western Ghats
Map of the Western Ghats

Three tasks are assigned to the Geomatics and Applied Informatics Laboratory (LIAG):

  • Support to scientific departments and project initiation: the (LIAG) puts forward its skills in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and in Information Technology and Communication (IT&C);
  • Active participation in the Institute policy regarding promotion of scientific heritage (digitising collections, maps databases, etc), publication (diffusion of knowledge through multi-media, book covers, exhibitions, etc) and communication (website, posters);
  • Management of computer resources and means of electronic communication (internal network, Internet access).
GIS / Remote Sensing / Web Mapping

The Laboratory specializes in the acquisition, management, modeling and analysis of spatial information on the Indian sub-continent with the aim to address scientific queries raised by the research work undertaken at the Institute.

The contribution of the laboratory to the research projects is based on expertise in the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and analysis of satellite images (remote sensing) and favors a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach (see Dynamics of Forest Diversity, Landscape Analysis for Biodiversity Conservation, Soil Carbon Pool and Biodiversity Conservation, Spatial Epidemiology, SHIVA)

Computer: Applications Development and Resources for the Institute

The Laboratory is:

  • In charge of original applications development aiming at improving the access to new technologies (see Computer-aided taxonomic identification, Identification of weed species (OSCAR), Computer-aided identification of tropical forest trees (BIOTIK))
  • Responsible for the management of computer resources, network and e-communication facilities at the Institute as well as the development of databases and multimedia products for the Departments at the Institute (see Historical Atlas of South India - Timeline, Urban  Dynamics, Identification of weed species (OSCAR), Population and Space in South India, Identification of Pollen Grains, Medicinal plants in South India, Agroforestry Models in South India)
  • Responsible for the diffusion of scientific results through CD-ROMS and the development of web-browser based applications on the web (see Paninian Grammar through its Examples, Cataloguing and Preservation of Manuscripts, Cataloguing of the Photo Archives, Architectural and Religious Heritage of South India, Tamil Saiva Hymns, and also Browse Institute maps)

Contact: Dr. Christophe Proisy, Head of LIAG